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The Redmer family has always had an entrepreneurial side. It started with my grandfather.  He started a tool and die shop in Chicago in the 1950’s.  He passed away when my father was young. As my brother and I grew older we always wanted to have a similar family business that would have made our grandfather proud. We both started our own auto core businesses in the early 2000’s. Then in 2014, we decided to merge and bring our father on board to have that family run business. Now with this collaboration we have the buying and selling power to not only take care of the large companies with which we cooperate, but also to pass on our great pricing to the general public of SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  We have been in the recycling industry for over 10 years and a combined experience of over 30 years, with more generations of Redmer’s to come.


At the family-owned Redmer and Sons Recycling, we aim to serve not only Burlington and its surrounding areas, but the world at large by recycling automotive cores, scrap metal, catalytic converters and more. Our staff accepts drop-offs of materials ranging from standard sheet metal to copper aluminum. Our professional disposal techniques and methods are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. To learn more about our prices, view our Price List page.


Original Products From Reusable Material

By recycling automotive cores and scrap metal, some of which is purchased from members of the community, we can help to create products which are well-made, but are not detrimental to our shared planet. People who use our recycling service can help the Earth become greener, and will ensure that the metal, aluminum and converters we use can be used again for a variety of different products.


Visit our Contact page to speak directly with a member of our trained staff, and view our Services page for additional information.


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